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      Customer Message
      Since commercial secrets are involved, the following company names are hidden.
      Mr. Doug from USA
      It has been a great experience working with Ritar for 7 years—I wish it was 70!
      Ritar has produced outstanding product—great quality, great delivery and outstanding customer service—and will continue to do so.
      Mr. Mahmoud Awad from Lebanon
      To whom it may concern,
      We, P.T.S. being an old distributor of batteries since 1993 and a major player in the market, we appreciate the business done with RITAR through past years until now
      Mr. G. Aggelos from Greece
      We are writing this letter to express our appreciation and satisfaction towards the last lasting business partnership we have and which can be definitely characterized as honest, effective and productive.[More]
      Mr. F.Youssouf Minthe from Germany
      We buying solar batteries for African markets since years, likes to share the following observations with you[More]
      Mr. E. Y. Sumaru from Fiji
      This is to certify that we are one of the companies in Fiji who are importers of automotive, UPS, Solar, etc types of batteries who have been operating for over 70 years.[More]
      Mr. E. Geiger from Kazakhstan
      Hereby, our company would like to express gratitude to your respected company. It will be our first time when we will purchase the batteries from you, but for the whole time of our recent cooperation you and your colleagues showed a big responsibility and excellent service with us as your customers. [More]
      Mr. Philip Nwachukwu from Nigeria
      Below are my comments on our interaction with RITAR in the past two or three years. This is given in confidence.  [More]
      Mr. Jorge Young from Peru
      My overall impression about company RITAR is excellent in terms of service, technology, technical support and warranty.  [More]
      Mr. Dave from U.K.

      As you know, we have known each other for many years and I really like working with you.

      You respond very quickly to our questions and RITAR’s production time is very good.

      Mr. Mauricio Meléndez from Honduras
      Hello my name is Mauricio Melendez from a company located in Honduras, Central America.We consider that China Ritar Power Corp. is a very good company, we feel very comfortable working with you.  [More]
      Mr. Murtaza from Tanzania
      It has also been good that we are working together and i believe this journey will take us long with mutual benefit.   [More]
      Mr. D. M PARMAR from Zambia




      Mr. Omid from Iran
      Shenzhen Ritar Power Co. is a big international company. During 7, 8 years cooperation with Ritar, we have enjoyed a lot of supports in many aspects; high quality products, fast delivery, competitive prices, the least defections or damages, high warrantee services, and highly business credits as well.   [More]
      Mr. Holly from USA

      - response is quick and clear

      - ship always on time

      - responsive to our needs and requests

      Mr.Tommy from Norway
      The reason is of course that we are happy with both quality and your support J.   [More]
      ©2017 RITAR VRLA Battery manufacturer all rights reserved 
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